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Ethic and Transparency are the pillars for good governance and an efficient management. Transparency is one of the 7 principles constituting the ISO 26000 norm for social responsibility.

The Governance Laboratory proposes consultancies and conferences on Ethics and Governance for managers willing  to know more and to improve management towards a better governance. Moreover, the Laboratory provides tools and advices to optimize the internal and external image of an organization to appear socially responsible.

– Creation of a Good Governance and Ethic Image
– Diagnosis to bring an organization into compliance with norms and standards for a better management
– Public Governance: Sensitization to problems of integrity, transparency standards, results-based management, competency profiles

Associate Experts

Freddy Clairembault
freddy Freddy Clairembault is a specialist in Communication and Public Relations. He was the Vice Director for the French National Office for Veterans and Victims of War in Ain. He also serves since 2008 as the Director of the International Festival of Geography in Saint-Dié-des Vosges, an event gathering the best geographer in the world and around 40 000 visitors each year. He is also an external consultant for public relations and media affairs at the University of Lorraine (Nancy). He holds a Master in History (University of Montpellier), a Master in Business Communication from Paris-Sorbonne and a degree in geopolitics from Science-Po Toulouse.  

Guillaume NICAISE
guillaume2Currently consultant in public and political affairs, Guillaume Nicaise worked previously as a strategic research specialist for NATO and research assistant for the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. He is PHD candidate for the EHESS (Ecoles des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales), working on the implementation of good governance and decentralization. Guillaume Nicaise holds a Master in Diplomacy from the University of London (SOAS) and a Master in Business Intelligence from Lyon University; he also graduated in political science and international politics. For further information, please check his website,

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