Thanks to its network of associate experts in Anthropology, Communication and Economy, the Governance Laboratory aims at facilitating organizational changes within public and private entities and NGOs. We are ready to engage our services in most of African language and the European Union


These are the activity domains in which we propose our expertise:

Audit for the rules of governance. This service is a compliance and relevance audit enquiry for a specific situation, in reference to rules, objectives, and internal procedures within a public or private entity. The objective is to optimize practices assessing the accuracy of current objectives and processes. Its fields of application is large: recruitment, training, skills management, security at work, compensation management, etc.
Audit for a change in circumstances (mergers, acquisitions and restructuring, social feasibility of an investment, (re)negotiation of a collective agreement, etc.) to value performances and rules of governance for a company.
Audit of a particular social situation (social conflict, deteriorating social climate, resignation, etc.), to improve the situation and to draw conclusions to prevent the repetition of such situation in the future. Our expertise is useful to identify and to prevent cases of stress, moral harassment and difficult dialogues and to bring solutions.

Management support : This new service will help you to succeed in the success of an ambitious project:

– Implementation of a new governance
– Creation of a new development project
– Improvement of the decision process in a Board of Directors
– To prepare a a merge between entities (departments or services).

We act as a project manager, independent and neutral, acting for the company, NGO or a community. We bring an external analysis, acting without dampening influence or prevarication. We fix from the very beginning a framework for analysis and criteria for results.

Diagnosis for management positioning: How to be sure about the management dimension? To tackle with ease particular business circumstances and incoming challenges, this diagnosis will enable you to calibrate exactly the scope, organization and size of your management.

According to the size of your company, this service offers a training from 3 to 6 days, at the end of which your management will be measured and reconfigured to succeed a key moment of your company’s life.

Ethic and Transparency are the pillars for good governance and an efficient management. Transparency is one of the 7 principles constituting the ISO 26000 norm for social responsibility.

The Governance Laboratory proposes consultancies and conferences on Ethics and Governance for managers willing  to know more and to improve management towards a better governance. Moreover, the Laboratory provides tools and advices to optimize the internal and external image of an organization to appear socially responsible.

– Creation of a Good Governance and Ethic Image
– Diagnosis to bring an organization into compliance with norms and standards for a better management
– Public Governance: Sensitization to problems of integrity, transparency standards, results-based management, competency profiles

The Governance Laboratory proposes its expertise to analyze the evolution and impact of public policies and to improve local governance. By using tools employed in sociology (interviews, participant observations, qualitative analysis) and strategic analysis (systemic analysis, trend and impact analysis), the Laboratory acts as an independent consultant to optimize the efficiency of public policies for all concerned actors.

Legal monitoring for public policies and impact analysis for:

– Youth and Social Cohesion policies
– Environment policies

Strategic analysis for territorial governance:

– Strategic analysis for decentralization policies and impact analysis for all concerned actors (Local government, civil society, private companies).
– Analysis to measure the efficiency of local governance and recommendations to optimize public policies.